Natural Hair… why should we tame our hair???

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My toes and soles of my feet now tension relieved open my eyes to his face smiling up at me I guess I didn’t realize that my back had arched and my lip was bitten as his strong hands were kneading my plantar flesh. And I’m then slowly lowered back to cool inviting Egyptian cotton sheet as his right hand slips around my knee slowly across my calf and stopping at the thick of my right inner thigh his stocky frame shadows over me swooping down to devour it’s prey of my soft lips…and the kiss.
The kiss is gets a little harder, a squeeze to my inner right thigh, the kiss gets wetter, again gripping at my inner right thigh, the kiss turns to biting then neck biting and some hickies he savours my flesh hickies are left as we get to that point of his hand pressing again the heat between my thighs. You stopped to stare I mean that look is so sexy but I’m screaming inside why in the hell did you stop. Propping myself up on my elbows place my hand to your cheek I whisper “I’m ready…” I smile

Read Joshua 24:15, John 3:16… GOD’S NOT DEAD!

You are the very air that I breathe
Oxygen seeping through my vessels
And my blood is refreshed
Rushing through these veins from head to toe
You are the elements that bring life…

I’m frightened out of my sleep
Loneliness comes in as a dark being engulfing me
And your light defeats this small doom
You are the ever present comforter…

My world drowns me
Swallows me up in an ocean of hatred
Then you are overwhelming love…

Assumptions, judgements, misconceptions of who I am darken the sky as a hurricane out at sea
But you sweep me away and the storm is overcome
You are my peace…

God You ARE

The truth is,
The truth is seeing through me as if I’m a window pane, no blurred vision
Or an open book, the pages continually turning
The whole truth and nothing but the truth, a subject on your witness stand
And the question is, what’s on your mind?
How can you question me like that? That’s an entrance to a street without a dead end, I can cruise into eternity
The days and weeks and years come and go, my thoughts are endless
Okay my confession, you want it, ready for the truth
You invade my senses, you are racing through my veins, you are blood rushing to each tingling fingertip and the chill numbing every tiptoe
My heart skips and my muscles contract, I’m frozen sitting at the same place each night
My window knows many secrets because I speak to the reflection of me, I try to talk some sense into myself
Convincing that you and I aren’t meant to be, not my miracle mate
But I love you, or do I like you a lot?
The truth is, I miss us and I want you.